Write an argumentative essay requires you to become an expert on the subject. You should understand both your position in the debate as opposite perspectives. Common topics argumentative essays include abortion, euthanasia, gun control and the death penalty. The argumentative essays must be logical, organized and skillfully written and researched.

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Choose a topic that is of interest and you can analyze in depth.

Research the topic in depth. Take advantage of your local or university library. Search the newspaper index of the general library to find books on your topic. Please review the bibliographies of each book; looking for sources to recur within a particular text and fonts you find in more than one book. Check encyclopedias, reference books, periodicals, microfilm and Internet. Make a list of potential sources. Make bibliography cards for potential references. Write the author’s name, book title, publication date, publisher location, publisher and date accessed if an online source.

Resume the test with the main points that you plan to use to support your argument. Includes a list of examples or sub-items to support the point of each paragraph.

Write a draft agreement with the abstract. At this point, do not worry about sentence structure or vocabulary as much as the content and purpose.

Edit the draft. Check that the introduction clearly establishes the argument that this thesis properly. The second and third subparagraphs should present a brief history of the argument; paragraphs 4 to 6 should delve into the deeper argument; paragraphs 7 to 8 should illustrate the consequences of the argument; and the last should be directed towards the conclusion to restate the thesis and main idea of ​​the essay.

Check that the test is written accurately. See if the quoted material is written correctly and make sure that borrowed ideas are properly cited in the text.
List all references in the works cited page at the end of the trial. Check your teacher’s guidelines on what style is right for appointments. Bibliography cards you made previously will have all the information you need to cite the material.