Virginie Courtin-Clarins

“I have my own line of swimsuits That I make with organic, ethical fabrics Collections called Light, Which means ‘light’ in Spanish. I started it because i feel like women are always looking for the right shape and color of swimsuit. I wanted to make something young and fun, but at the same time I wanted to be Involved in something positive.’re just starting out, so for the moment it takes up sixty percent of my time, and then the rest is spent with Clarins Because I am a board member and I am very Involved in the ethical and Technological side of the brand. I Attend a lot of meetings and I try to give a young eye Because We are a one hundred percent family-owned company. My father and uncle who run the company right now are from a different generation, Facebook and even blogs, We have to explain it all to them. My sister and cousins​​, we try to make sure That we are opening to the young generation Clarins.

I grew up in Paris with my sister Claire and my cousins ​​[Prisca and Jenna]. We are all almost the same age: my sister is two years younger than me, though people think we’re twins, and my cousins ​​are one year younger than Both me, so I’m 27, my cousins ​​are 26, and Claire is 25. My grandfather, Jacques, was the founder of Clarins, and I was really into keeping the family together all the time, so I grew up spending my early Days with all the family, all the time. It was great. Our grandfather was always asking us for names for lipstick, like, what did we think of ‘Jolie Rouge’? And we were like, ‘Yeah, it’s good!’ So, I really grew up in the beauty world. It’s funny-when I was a kid, I thought my grandfather was That only making products for us! And When I started to see people on the beach with Clarins sunscreen, I would say, ‘That’s our sunscreen!’ I was, I do not know, five years old. I think it’s because i imagined my grandfather doing it all in his kitchen.

Viktor & Rolf Fall 2013

Pat McGrath: The look of the makeup is very pretty, very naturally beautiful blush on the cheeks and on the lips, eyebrows groomed to perfection, perfectly contoured eyes, and brown mascara on the lashes. We want the girls to look fresh but finished, and divine.

Murenu Luigi (John Frieda): It’s about the age of innocence, so we’re preserving the youth of the girls and what they are. And it’s about the age of sensitivity, too, we did not want to make them look older or too sophisticated. The sophistication comes from taking a natural approach, from the contemporary. So, we’re doing two soft braids and connecting them in the back, with pins to secure everything-it Becomes very organic and very pure. And we’re doing a very dry finish using a little bit of hairspray and a little bit of the John Frieda Luxurious Volume Thickening Mousse. That’s it.

Photographed by Emily Weiss at Espace Ephemere Tuileries in Paris on March 2nd, 2013.

White Shirts and Water Guns

4/01/13 / Monday Moodboard
White Shirts and Water Guns

Because it’s Monday, and we do not want to work yet.

Spring Breaker Nails

or, The Idea of ​​Doing This manicure actually came from my best friend, Gabriel, who Suggested That I paint the dinosaurs from Jil Sander’s men’s sweaters on my nails, with toothpicks. And so I did. [2] Then, a few days later, we went to the premiere of Spring Breakers [3-4] and I loved the plain if it was not for Harmony Korine’s talent and vision (I Said That I wanted to make a film That looked like it had been “enlightened by candy”). The cast is beyond credible, the story movie so much That I wiped away the cute diplodocus and whales I had drawn in order to pay Director Harmony Korine to nail tribute.

In case you do not know, Spring Breakers Is About four teenagers (played by Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson, and Rachel Korine) who decides to go on spring break and cross paths with Alien, a drug dealer played by a barely James Franco-recognizable. The movie Might Have Been is everything but predictable, and the music is perfect. There is even a scene Involving James Franco and Britney Spears. Now If That is not the best thing ever …

Anyway, the little nail drawings were quite easy to figure out, I chose to do a palm tree, a bikini, a gun, a sun, and a knitted ski hat (like the ones They wear in the final scene) on each of my nails. I pulled out my O.P.I. Natural Nail Base Coat (Which I also use as a top coat), Essie’s Off The Shoulder, Biguine’s Yellow Mustard, But Also green, brown, and black colors from L’Oreal (# 612, 114, 702), plus a few toothpicks , which i use as brushes. As for the result [5-8], I have been looking at my nails all day for the past two days, showing them to everyone and THEREFORE Talking About Spring Breakers way too much. I have not Been This obsessed since I saw The Darjeeling Limited.

SHEILA by Christian

ntinents in hot pursuit of one another ever since … We’re talking nearly five years of Language Barriers, months apart, and intense bursts of time together. In honor of Gucci’s latest his-and-hers fragrances, Guilty Black (a heady oriental eau grounded in patchouli), we had the Brooklyn-based couple turn ten disposable cameras on each other during an intimate Saturday morning to document how They really see Their better half.


Age: “Twenty-one forever!”

Provenance: “Spain.”

On Christian meeting: “When we first met, I was with someone else, so we did not really talk much. But then six months after, we went back-same place, same fashion show, in Germany, and I was single, so. Anyway, it was a big party, really. Many couples came out from Those parties. [Laughs]

Was it love at first sight? “At first, I really Attracted me because, obviously, I love clothes. [Laughs] I was wearing little boots with a little bit of heel-like, Beatles boots. I was very stylish, with long blond hair. I like an androgynous look. I did not look at him in a way like, ‘Wow, I want this guy to be my boyfriend,’ but I thought I was very stylish. Like, I could wear his clothes. ”

Was it a texting or calling to courtship? “Texting, constantly. I was really nervous to call him on the phone. I would call him to hear his voice, and then pass it to my friends. [Laughs] ”

On their first date: “He came and picked me up at the airport waiting with two coffees, and I was so nervous I dropped them on the floor in the middle of the airport.”

On cohabitation: “We live in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. My favorite thing about living together is That When You Come Back Home, You Know That there’s someone there. Like, someone That you want to see, someone who you miss. Someone want to be with you, someone you want to hug. “

Put Some Bounce In It

Curly bangs are great for the same reason That hairless cats, kiwi fruits, and jellyfish are great, Which Is that they’re so ugly, they’re cute. * It’s not that the above models and actresses with curly bangs look bad, but Rather That they’d look a lot better without them. And therein lies the charm-any decision to sacrifice conventional attraction in behalf of something different makes a woman stand out. It makes you speculate About Her personality, her taste, and her intelligence. It makes you want to be her friend.

Look at a young, barely-recognizable Nicole Kidman, for example-do not you just want to sit next to her at dinner and drink too much? In her current-marble statuette form, more comprehensibly Kidman is beautiful, though in an anonymous, status-quo way. She does not look like someone With Any individual worldview. That’s fine, many of us do express our worldviews in hair form-but it’s not as interesting.

Another benefit of curls is fun Their inherent quality. Spiral-shaped objects are structurally amusing: Slinkys, rotini pasta, pig’s tails, the ‘boing’ sound effect, cinnamon rolls … There’s Just Something About That is pleasing spirals to humans. A playful aspect.

Coziness is a third factor. Imagine how it must feel to luxurious Have Your face surrounded on all sides by at least two inches of hair! No need for a winter hat naturally When You have insulation. Plus, It could make a good travel pillow in a pinch. Just bunch that shit up, lean back, and drift into dreamland on a cushion that’s all yours.

Sharmadean Goes Blonde