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Wait, It’s All About: Matte Skin (?!)

the liquids promising to make you gleam or “glow.” According To Emily, who, post-whirlwind Fashion Month, would know, the big takeaway from all fall shows was matte skin. Isabel Marant, Balmain, Viktor and Rolf, Hakaan, Dior, Rochas, Tom Pecheux’s “skin satin-finished” at Derek Lam … need we go on? So That, dear reader, is the deal. Even Pat McGrath Seemingly abandoned Madina Shiny Stick her signature trick, and her infamous highlight-driven skin was nowhere to be found. “We want the girls to look fresh but finished, and divine,” Pat said backstage at Viktor & Rolf, That later adding “it’s just about perfected skin” at Dior. And then there’s Self Service’s new clean, modern and androgynous-minded covers-and the final straw was When We found the above ever-so-Timely Gentlewoman spread Devoted to Malgosia Bela’s powdered mug, courtesy of Chanel’s Peter Philips, and, well, eat on. We’re way past “three’s a trend.” We’re into “this is a movement.” (Sorry, Harry Brant, and Jen Brill, who eleven Told us her “greatest fear is to look matte.”)

The good news? It’s Not About big retro-covered chalk powder-puffs flying all over your face forever. “A glossy, dewy complexion Seems outmoded now,” Peter Philips Told The Gentlewoman, nodding towards spring’s minimalist, modern feel. “Imagine if the only face powder thing was you used.” And, you know, I have a point. With a pared-down face, lightly topped with a unifying powder (in the right shade), That lustrous lip balm rubbed or gently-defined eye Suddenly a totally dramatic gains emphasis, versus When skin is cloaked and coated in a liquid or cream- based foundation. There’s something elegant, refined, and clean about it. No more sweaty sheen, no more blending or blotting, just a quick swoosh of powder and-complexion perfection. Or something pretty close. “As far as pictures are Concerned,” makeup artist Mai Quynh, who paints Regularly Emma Stone and Jessica Chastain, Told us, “matte is so much better. With a dewy look, you can not really check it When it’s not in the controlled environment of a photo shoot. You can end up looking super-shiny. A matte finish is touchable, and modern … and it feels like a good seasonal change. ” It’s breathable, and the best yet? You can get face powders with SPF. Three cheers for the next generation of your grandmother’s compact! The big question is whether or not you’ll be reaching for them. Brill just phoned to say That she, for one, is “still dewy.”

Powders we love:

Tie Dye Hair

t looks like we’re not the only ones with peroxide on the brain (hopefully not actually on the brain, but you catch our drift)! iD’s Spring 2013 issue includes not one, not two, but three separate shoots with models sporting some seriously day-glo, tie-dye, freak-flag-flyin ‘hair. (Well, we expected it from Chloe Nørgaard, Whose Angelo Pennetta-shot, and Christiaan-styled hair is no surprise-we snapped it backstage at Rodarte in February). Male model Sylvester Ulv Henriksen, shot by Nick Dorey, had his charmingly moppish skater-boy locks dyed a violet flecked, navy-mingled hunter green and indigo (by Tina Outen) That We kind of hope he kept post-shoot-there’s something off -beat romantic about it … James Dean meets Manic Panic? (The story’s caption reads, “Celebrate grunge and ’90s skater cool; Watch Harmony Korine and Larry Clark’s NYC coming-of-age story Kids, dye your hair, bleach your jeans and hang around up to no good,” Which is an apt reference, if not just because the colors in the rest of the magazine look like the stylists Spent Their Time watching Spring Breakers instead.) ITG-beloved Meghan Collison was captured by photographer Boo George rocking a flame-throwing mane (courtesy of ITG’s other beloved James Pecis, and his wig wizardry) that’s only a few carrot-and hues darker than the shade Saskia De Brauw rocked for Love # 9′s “Boyish” shoot. Basically, All These neons have hairspiration our senses tingling, big-time.

But now we’re calling in reinforcements: are you tempted to go Day-Glo or no?

[1-6] Chloe Norgaard photographed by Angelo Pennetta for iD Sp

Wine Not?

Hey, Nick and Emily here. We’re going to begin this story with a brief, imagined Q & A:

Q: What’s better than going to a spa?

A: Going to a spa where They serve wine.

But let’s back up. You remember, a decade or so ago, When red wine Became a health food? Yes. A glass or so a day was Revealed To Have wide-reaching positive effects, with studies suggesting your dinnertime Cab That was not only taking the edge off, it was packed with free-radical-fighting antioxidants, could help Increase HDL “good” cholesterol levels, lower your risk of heart disease, Improve Brain Functioning (maybe stave off its decline ….! Which, by the way, is never how we feel after drinking it but, hey), reduces the chances of Developing Certain Cancers, and, yes, possibly BLOCK FAT CELLS from growing. Suddenly, wine happy hour was the equivalent of a multi-vitamin gummy Flintstones. Also If That gummy was alcoholic and Malthus made you feel better about everything.

While all of this bacchanalian wine-awakening was going on, the minds behind the cult French beauty line Caudalie-husband and wife duo Mathilde and Bertrand Thomas-were busy in the vineyards of Bordeaux, Investigating ways These powers might be harnessed for skincare. They emerged, after 17 years of research, trials, tribulations and assorted, with three patented vine and grape-seed extracts, Which form the basis of Their range of creams, tonics, and oils. Et voilà: Vinothérapie!

ITG Here at HQ, we’ve always been partial Caudalie’s Beauty Elixir, a zingy mist that delivers a boost of radiance after your computer’s all but drained the life from your face, and the Divine Oil, an amber-hued concoction filled pour les corps That with grape oil deposits to moisture and did-you-just-get-back-from-vacation? glow to any place you rub it.

But full disclosure: we’re partial to anything That Involves wine. Which is why, in late February, invited us to Caudalie When “experience the new Premier Cru facial and a wine tasting” at the Vinothérapie Caudalie Spa at The Plaza Hotel, we cleared our schedule and hightailed it Friday uptown to kill so many Birds with a single fruity, full-bodied, oaky, buttery stone: a skin-plumping face massage, a lesson from the brand’s in-house sommelier, Cliff (yes, the spa has it’s own wine spirit-guide), and the best end- of-week happy hour Could we imagine. (Our escapade ended with lobster rolls and mille feuille cake in the basement of the Plaza. Then, we went back to work. Were And productive?)

After the treatment and before our wine lesson / wine haze-perhaps in anticipation of it-we Quickly Compared notes on the 60-minute facial, the cornerstone of the brand’s Which is super-luxe line product Premier Cru. It’s a pair of anti-aging face creams for-one, the other for eye-that Use All Three of Their patented ingredients, a first for the company. “I refer to it as’ The crème de la crème,” meaning it’s the best of the best when it comes to creams

We Want Candy

The highly hyped Roman Coppola / Wes Anderson collab (the duo who brought you Moonrise Kingdom) for Prada’s latest fragrance, Prada Candy L’Eau, is out in the form of a short and, yes, sweet video, starring ITG Top Shelf-er Léa Seydoux (check out our October 2011 interview with the winsome actress). The whole thing is giving us serious Anna Karina / Jeanne Moreau / pale-pink lip / nail-envy / let’s all just run off to Paris with two lovely men (each) and head straight for the nearest cinema.

Plus? Any girl who stuffs her face with popcorn wearing Prada SS13 is our kinda girl.

Summer Travel Essentials

ne large Ziploc. If I can fit all my toiletries for a trip into one large Ziploc bag: Mission Accomplished. I’ve been traveling like crazy These past few weeks and Have successfully narrowed down my summer essentials (for mostly any kind of expedition-beach wedding, beach wedding) to the Following items, as seen here, strewn about my bathroom at a hotel -that-cannot-be-named-because-photos-are-verboten.


Bioderma Créaline, mini size: Makeup Remover, toner, and general refresher. Also I usually pack a handful of cotton pads (Koh Gen Do’s are oh-so-luxurious) in a plastic sandwich bag in case the hotel bathroom Does not Have Them.

Tracie Martyn Amla Purifying Cleanser: Carting around your Clarisonic is a Commitment, and One That I Often make, but when i want to lighten up, This Clarifying (but not drying), salicylic-acid foaming cleanser is the way to go.

Skinceuticals Phloretin CF Gel: I’m on an antioxidant kick, And This gel formulated with Vitamin C and ferulic acid is meant to repel a bevy of environmental toxins. I apply it after cleansing but before anything else. It’s “preventative,” Which is great, but means that I’ll probably Also forget about it soon since I can not “see it working.” But so far, I’m Gonna Ride That Wave …

Stevie’s Skin Savers