As you may have guessed, we have some pretty solid love for Tina (Nick got front-row tickets for his mom to her 2008 “farewell” tour, Alessandra Regularly sighs “oh, Tiiiiiina!” Whenever one of the singer’s tunes pops up on Gloffice the playlist). Those legs, wiggle That, That Voice!

Anyway, her German Vogue April cover story (the 73-year-old’s first appearance on any Vogue cover! Unbelievably!) Is making us super happy. Tina’s signature honey-blond shag is out in full force, as is her unmatched Ability to be sexy in one moment (vintage Armani sequins) and casual the next (a crisp men’s oxford tucked into wide-leg jeans), never not looking incredible. I mean, the headline sort of says it all: “Simply the Best!”

Tina Turner photographed by Claudia Knoepfel and Stefan Indlekofer for German Vogue April 2013.

What You Actually Need to Pack for the Beach

t’s very simple, actually. Whether you’re going for three days or seven days, I am a firm (and admittedly grungy) believer That the only items you need on a beach vacation are the Following:

(1) bathing suit

(1) cut-off shorts

(1) top

(1) sandals

(1) sunglasses

(3) pairs of underwear (or, one for each day)

+ SUNSCREEN (a LOT! Because your friends / family will steal it, you know They Will), a toothbrush and toothpaste, baby soap, moisturizer (1 for face, one for body), and your passport or ID. Books and technology are add-ons that I’m not counting here.

Depending on who you’re traveling with, you may need a razor and shaving cream (to be Utilized at night, not in the morning, UNLESS you want salty ocean water lighting your shins on fire), and Depending on how fancy this place is , you might need some sort of dressy caftan situation.

Summer Cut!

kay, okay. It’s not summer yet. In fact, it’s been freezing in New York, When All I want to do is wear one of the eight pairs of cut-off shorts I’ve collected over the past three weeks. The compromise was to meet up with Brian again and lop off a good four inches of hair. Dry cut, with a razor-quick and easy, down and dirty. I was inspired by a couple of models: Kati Nescher, the twenty-seven year old overnight sensation who I spotted at the beginning of fall shows (backstage at Alexander Wang), and Mars Van Haaster, the Dutch Prada / Miu Miu darling with a haphazard “lob” (long bob).

Until the past couple of months, I have not felt inclined to mess with my hair Because there’s not a ton That can be done with it. It’s dead straight, and while “shiny” and “healthy” are pluses Generally, I long for dry, tousled, wavy texture. Coincidentally, Noshin, an ITG reader from London, emailed over the weekend asking for tips on “Achieving second or third day hair on newly washed hair first day.” Well my friend, this is something I’ve learned a thing or two about. I suggest mixing a thickening lotion (like Redken Body Builder 06) with some styling cream (Bumble and bumble and Shu Uemura are two favorites) in the palm of your hands and working through That towel-dried hair, to start. After blasting it off with a dryer or air-drying, spray Oribe’s Dry Texturizing Spray-sections through from root to tip, and Let That Settle for a minute before raking your hands through it. Throw it up into a half-knot ponytail (or little messy bun) on and off THROUGHOUT the day, so it gets little bends and kinks in it. And then do not wash your hair for three days-a good head shake and a blast of dry shampoo Should be all you need. It Should just keep getting better and bett

Somebody’s Excited For Her Vacation

nnual tradition, we’re hightailing it up to Martha’s Vineyard for some lobstering / BBQ-ing / amateur mixology in the land of grosgrain belts and pressed jeans. I, However, always take the opportunity to pack as little as possible, and This Year is no exception: no makeup (not a lick), 1 bikini (Lisa Marie Fernandez), clean underwear, the Ksubi shorts and Sandro tank on my back , an Isabel Marant “America” jersey (The Most athletic’ll get, Olympics or not), sandals (from a Tibetan store in Williamsburg), Céline shades, and a smattering of easy-breezy skincare products chucked into my trusty Wm. J. Mills & Co tote … I’m ready to hit the road. “That’s it? Where’s your stuff?” my friends will say, and I’ll flash a smile That gratified indeed, I can survive and thrive for four days with next to nothing. Because When You roll out of bed in some magical beach house, are you really going to go through a three-step routine? I think not. I’ll reach for my SkinCeuticals antioxidant potions, throw on some Anthelios SPF, and call it a day. After I wash off the grime at dusk-with, gasp, whatever’s laying around, I’ll throw on some Joelle Ciocco oil, sweep Lucas’ Papaw ointment over my lips and make a cocktail. Oh, and somewhere in between, you better believe I’ll be bringing myself up-to-date on That heart-wrenching K-Stew/R-Patz debacle. The chicest thing I’ll be doing this weekend is reading Vanity Fair’s best-dressed list.


Scenting Room 101: Flameless Edition

We’ve Talked About candles a lot recently, and while we’re not Intending to stop anytime soon (I mean, Michael only just got hooked!), A fair number of our lovely readers have us in comments Told That They Can not Their current use candles in Situations living (dorm rooms, etc), or maybe you just do not love the notion of candles. They’re sort of rude to burn during dinner, for obvious Reasons (food / perfume do not mix) and, as Emily pointed out the other day, Sometimes if you let your Feu de Bois go for a while, you start to wonder if your apartment might be burning down. So, This brought us all to a new topic of conversation: ways to scent your space That Do not require any excess feu near your bois. Let’s talk about fragrance for the flame-averse, or scenting Room 101. [Cue applause!] And please note, all of the below are decidedly unisex.

Admittedly, in the room-scenting game, Avoiding the wax-and-wicked stuff out there will narrow your options down some, but you are by no means out of them.

For those still happy to play with (a little) fire: Both Santa Maria Novella and Francis Kurkdjian make gorgeously scented incense papers-the Latter’s come in the ITG-beloved flavors Aqua Universalis, APOM, and Lumiere Noir, and are really tellement chic in Their little box (matches on one side, on the other papers). The procedure is the Same with both: you fold up the paper like a little accordion, light one edge, blow it out, and let the perfumed smoke go, à la incense. Santa Maria Novella’s Carte d’Armenia papers are shockingly Effective deodorizers (if someone in your flat’s been smoking, or is smelly, or your cat has been marking his territory and you just cooked gumbo, whatever), and Their little red leather box is very sophisticated looking. Be sure to get some sort of ashtray / saucer on Which to burn them, though, Because again, please do not burn down your house.

If you are of a particularly … let’s call it “woodsy” mindset: A company called Juniper Ridge-motto: “We go to the mountains -> Harvest Wild Plants -> Natural Distill fragrance”-sells home-scenting Their earthy wares at Steven Alan boutiques and online. These include the seriously Voodoo-looking mini Smudge Sticks (available in Mugwort, Also known as “dream weed,” Sage, and Cedar). Note That White sage is Considered ‘purifying’ and has been used on at least one episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to cleanse a crash-pad of some seriously bad juju. Also They carry “Campfire Incense” in flavors Such as Juniper, Douglas Fir, and Piñon. (Yes, incense burns and Malthus is grouped in with candles Usually as potential fire hazards, but, Unlike candles, sticks only need a few

Fall Winter Makeup

September 13, 2010
Fall Winter Makeup
Summer is over and soon the cold. But do you really think that this new station is not going to be able to still look pretty? Nothing is further from the truth. For you to continue shining, then we show trends in makeup this season próximpa.

The coming season will be marked by a ’50s style, hence enhancing more feminine traits and bold colors will be paramount. Then we will reveal the secrets to consider to achieve that new look.

As always, I say, the first and fundamental choice will be a good foundation. This season will come marked by tones “nude” to get a very natural effect and perfect, this is to get the effect of face washed. You know that the best way to apply foundation is with the help of a brush or a cotton circular movements and seeking to extend their best.

The next step will be the eyeshadow. The shadows will acquire a key role especially in the eyelid. The colors purple and mauve will be the big winners.

Finally, apply the eyeliner, and this time we will use tones that evoke metallic effects. To get the look more intense, nothing like a good applying mascara to give volume.

As for the lips, the colors that are going to take the orange, purple, bronze, plum, eggplant and whole range of violets. On these colors you can apply the gloss to what you get most appetizing lips.

And finally, we need to pay close intention to nails. The color will be essential and nothing better to choose from the range of cold as blue, black, and full range of reds.
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Feast day: tricks, makeup tips and trends

Are many who ask us about the article you wrote about in your day to day makeup, what are the key tricks to succeed with a good day party makeup, trends and products.

Well to answer all your questions, here you will find all the answers about makeup for a party during the day.

The first thing I recommend is that several days before the expected skipping party clothes thinking that you may be put and supplements. This is the first step because depending on the color of the clothes we choose the most suitable and makeup that best matches the dresses. We keep trying with different shades of eye shadow, blush and lipstick colors to get more in line with how we will go.

Another very important tip is to have slept well the previous night in order to keep your skin refreshed and regenerated as possible. So our makeup last longer and will look perfect.

Also, if the party is going to be very special and important, will not see better occasion to resort to tricks professional makeup.

Dry Shampoo: wash your hair without water

Dry shampoo can seem unsanitary if there is no information about it. However, it is very useful for certain situations, for example, who is a long time in bed (a hospital patient) and can not get into the shower.

In addition, dry shampoo is useful to alternate use with regular shampoo. If you are one of those that wash their hair every single day, can be harmful to your scalp and hair, so it’s good to alternate with dry shampoo and reduce water wash days.

The way to wash your hair with this shampoo is quite simple, apply the product on the hair and rub vigorously to remove brush and shampoo pulls dirt (sebum) that is in the hair and the result is a hair bright and volume, as if we’d wash as we do with our regular shampoo.

As for brands, you will find many, like the Klorane dry shampoo, this other brand Azalea or, as a curiosity, know that there is also this type of shampoos for our pets.

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Do not Miss This Sample Sale at Goddis

reat news! Goddis Knitwear is having a sample sale at Their warehouse in Venice Beach, CA!

The deets:

Goddis is holding its Holiday Warehouse Sale on November 19th and 20th. You’ll find great items from like ponchos, fringed wraps, sweaters, scarves, pants, and more on sale from $ 20 +. Cash and credit cards are accepted.

November 19, 2011 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM
November 20, 2011 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Goddis Holiday Sample Sale
534 Santa Clara Ave
Venice, CA 90291

Not Able to make it? No worries, you can get 40% off online also! Use code SAMPLESALE When checking out on www.goddisstyle.com / shop.

My latest obsession Goddis: Infinity in Chocolate Goddis Metallic

Control your alarm / clock without touching your mobile

There comes an application that can revolutionize the concept of alarm for mobile devices, it is Wave Alarm, a smart alarm. Wave Alarm is not the traditional alarm clock, it uses advanced motion control technology, which lets you turn off or pause the alarm / clock by movements without touching your device.

To use Wave Alarm Simply a movement of your hand on the mobile device, either to silence, turn repeat or off the alarm / clock. Forget find your device in the dark.

How Wave Alarm
This modern and sophisticated application works with a new control system and motion detection. That’s why its use is completely new, you have to touch your device to activate, deactivate, or turn off your alarm repeat. With a flick of the hand on the mobile device sufficient to perform any of these actions.