As you may have guessed, we have some pretty solid love for Tina (Nick got front-row tickets for his mom to her 2008 “farewell” tour, Alessandra Regularly sighs “oh, Tiiiiiina!” Whenever one of the singer’s tunes pops up on Gloffice the playlist). Those legs, wiggle That, That Voice!

Anyway, her German Vogue April cover story (the 73-year-old’s first appearance on any Vogue cover! Unbelievably!) Is making us super happy. Tina’s signature honey-blond shag is out in full force, as is her unmatched Ability to be sexy in one moment (vintage Armani sequins) and casual the next (a crisp men’s oxford tucked into wide-leg jeans), never not looking incredible. I mean, the headline sort of says it all: “Simply the Best!”

Tina Turner photographed by Claudia Knoepfel and Stefan Indlekofer for German Vogue April 2013.

What You Actually Need to Pack for the Beach

t’s very simple, actually. Whether you’re going for three days or seven days, I am a firm (and admittedly grungy) believer That the only items you need on a beach vacation are the Following:

(1) bathing suit

(1) cut-off shorts

(1) top

(1) sandals

(1) sunglasses

(3) pairs of underwear (or, one for each day)

+ SUNSCREEN (a LOT! Because your friends / family will steal it, you know They Will), a toothbrush and toothpaste, baby soap, moisturizer (1 for face, one for body), and your passport or ID. Books and technology are add-ons that I’m not counting here.

Depending on who you’re traveling with, you may need a razor and shaving cream (to be Utilized at night, not in the morning, UNLESS you want salty ocean water lighting your shins on fire), and Depending on how fancy this place is , you might need some sort of dressy caftan situation.

The French Kiss

She’s a cool girl, no bullshit, “Tom Pecheux told me at the fall Isabel Marant show a few weeks ago. “I’m dabbing a beige lipstick Estée Lauder all around the lips and in the middle, a darker nude one-still dark, but in the center, to give voluptuousness. It’s the French kiss! ”

“Wait, that’s a thing?” I asked.

“Well, you know …”

“Like you’ve been making out?”

Then, Marant breezed by and whisked him away. Wait! I wanted to scream, but of course, you’d never do that in front of Isabel Marant. But here’s what I surmised: a French Kiss is a mouth that looks like it’s been made ​​out with. Think of it as the opposite of That infamous, enviable, perfectly painted-on, not-quite-orange-but-just-shy-of-network J.Crew That lip (and a handful of street-style stars) Have Made Famous . The French Kiss is a mouth That is worn-in, or, more Precisely, worn off. FROM FRENCH KISSING. Or heavy breathing into a microphone at Coachella. Or, you know, six hours of real life.

In the opposite of real life-backstage at Christian Dior, Marant’s two hours before show-Catherine McNeil was not making out with anyone, but she was enjoying a lollipop while rocking a decidedly French Kiss mouth. Pat McGrath was deep into a multi-part process makeup Utilized That fuchsia lipstick, powder, and a helluva lot of tissues, blotting down and building up models’ mouths to Achieve a haute-er version of the multidimensional, soft-focus pout That You ‘d normally be sporting after your lunch break, or That you’d see in your rear-view mirror on the way home from work. It looked lived-in … In That Sky Ferreira, my-lips-hav

Feast day: tricks, makeup tips and trends

Are many who ask us about the article you wrote about in your day to day makeup, what are the key tricks to succeed with a good day party makeup, trends and products.

Well to answer all your questions, here you will find all the answers about makeup for a party during the day.

The first thing I recommend is that several days before the expected skipping party clothes thinking that you may be put and supplements. This is the first step because depending on the color of the clothes we choose the most suitable and makeup that best matches the dresses. We keep trying with different shades of eye shadow, blush and lipstick colors to get more in line with how we will go.

Another very important tip is to have slept well the previous night in order to keep your skin refreshed and regenerated as possible. So our makeup last longer and will look perfect.

Also, if the party is going to be very special and important, will not see better occasion to resort to tricks professional makeup.

Education: Cuba uses GNU + Linux

Carlos Exposito, Computer methodologist industry ministry, who participated in a National Workshop on Computers in Education held in Granma said currently trained computer professionals and technicians in the use of GNU + Linux operating system, based on free software, version proposed an open source for users to run, study, modify and share software.

In statements to the Cuban News Agency, the Education Ministry official explained that this is an alternative to proprietary software, marketed by transnational media corporations, and whose use presupposes payment of user fees, plus the inability programs transforming.

Exposito made ​​a somewhat sharper statement when he said that “by its objective of promoting mutual cooperation and broad scope of citizens to services and technologies, free software is the method that best serves the political and educational project design of country. ”

The Cuban version of GNU + Linux is made ​​from Debian GNU + Linux, and have 200 applications relating to education and information management structures in schools or

Dry Shampoo: wash your hair without water

Dry shampoo can seem unsanitary if there is no information about it. However, it is very useful for certain situations, for example, who is a long time in bed (a hospital patient) and can not get into the shower.

In addition, dry shampoo is useful to alternate use with regular shampoo. If you are one of those that wash their hair every single day, can be harmful to your scalp and hair, so it’s good to alternate with dry shampoo and reduce water wash days.

The way to wash your hair with this shampoo is quite simple, apply the product on the hair and rub vigorously to remove brush and shampoo pulls dirt (sebum) that is in the hair and the result is a hair bright and volume, as if we’d wash as we do with our regular shampoo.

As for brands, you will find many, like the Klorane dry shampoo, this other brand Azalea or, as a curiosity, know that there is also this type of shampoos for our pets.

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Style over his face. Each face her hairstyle.

Extend, relax or widen factions. Everything is possible with hair, by choosing the appropriate hairstyle. Discover the look that suits you.
Although it is true that a harmonious factions help much, being pretty ugly oo depends not only the outline of the face. Except oval face has slight desarmonias all that, fortunately, the hair can be camouflaged to approximate to the perfect proportions. To find the shape of your face, pick the hair begins so that it is completely clear. Get in front of a mirror and its outline silhouettes on the surface with a lipstick or eyeliner. Look at the width of the forehead, cheeks and chin and the relationship between them. Now, take a little imagination: Which is closer? Is elongated like a rectangle, a circle as wide, short as a square or triangle shaped perhaps? You can skip to the way the naked eye from the start, but, as a rule, the faces have traits of one type and another. In that case, try the recommendations and choose the one that suits you.


The first cosmetic aphrodisiac

Alqvimia, the Spanish high natural cosmetics, has among its great products one that stands out as the first cosmetic aphrodisiac: Sensuality Woman Body Nectar, a 100% natural body oil, created by master perfumers to transform women inside and out. Its secret lies in the combination of essential oils, which helps to sublimate and enhance the beauty of every woman.

Sensuality Body Nectar operates at two levels: first externally, cosmetic, since it is a cell regenerator that provides a smooth, soft and youthful, while acting internally and emotional power as the feminine essence , provides a sense of well being, develops the power of seduction and opens the way for pleasure. If you want to know more … you’ll have to try it!


The energy today: Sunday March 24, 2013

Now could have problems, misunderstandings or negative situations that have to be solved.

If possible, try to rest this day and give you some time for yourself. Your body needs to replenish the energy expended during the week and your mind needs to relax even more.

Beware of what you say and how you say it, especially with your partner or friends. Avoid any conflict or unnecessary chatter that can generate a discussion or misunderstood.

I send you many blessings for this day!

Edgar Payan
Master of Metaphysics and Cosmic Energy Healing Therapist
More information here

Beat the Beast: Play through 360 degrees

For those looking to play something different, something unique, arrives Beat the Beast, a fun game of strategy and action, the one that gives you a 360 degree gameplay, a new experience in mobile gaming.

Beat the Beast you into a world of fantasy and fairy mission where you have to defeat fearsome beasts with your skills and tactics. 3D environments, magical powers and a lot of strategy in a different game.

Features Beat the Beast

Game Mode at 360 degrees, one of its kind that offers an experience never before seen in a mobile device game.
High definition graphics in 3D, with beautiful scenery and high quality of detail in the environment.
3 game modes: Campaign, Survivor and Valiente. Each will provide the player with unique skills.
5 towers as unique scenarios (Hammer, Arbalet, Thunder, Magic Catapult & House).
4 magical powers.
14 different characters, each with different abilities.
3 game worlds: Desert, Forest and Pyramid.
Ad-free pay version.