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The French Kiss

She’s a cool girl, no bullshit, “Tom Pecheux told me at the fall Isabel Marant show a few weeks ago. “I’m dabbing a beige lipstick Estée Lauder all around the lips and in the middle, a darker nude one-still dark, but in the center, to give voluptuousness. It’s the French kiss! ”

“Wait, that’s a thing?” I asked.

“Well, you know …”

“Like you’ve been making out?”

Then, Marant breezed by and whisked him away. Wait! I wanted to scream, but of course, you’d never do that in front of Isabel Marant. But here’s what I surmised: a French Kiss is a mouth that looks like it’s been made ​​out with. Think of it as the opposite of That infamous, enviable, perfectly painted-on, not-quite-orange-but-just-shy-of-network J.Crew That lip (and a handful of street-style stars) Have Made Famous . The French Kiss is a mouth That is worn-in, or, more Precisely, worn off. FROM FRENCH KISSING. Or heavy breathing into a microphone at Coachella. Or, you know, six hours of real life.

In the opposite of real life-backstage at Christian Dior, Marant’s two hours before show-Catherine McNeil was not making out with anyone, but she was enjoying a lollipop while rocking a decidedly French Kiss mouth. Pat McGrath was deep into a multi-part process makeup Utilized That fuchsia lipstick, powder, and a helluva lot of tissues, blotting down and building up models’ mouths to Achieve a haute-er version of the multidimensional, soft-focus pout That You ‘d normally be sporting after your lunch break, or That you’d see in your rear-view mirror on the way home from work. It looked lived-in … In That Sky Ferreira, my-lips-hav

Education: Cuba uses GNU + Linux

Carlos Exposito, Computer methodologist industry ministry, who participated in a National Workshop on Computers in Education held in Granma said currently trained computer professionals and technicians in the use of GNU + Linux operating system, based on free software, version proposed an open source for users to run, study, modify and share software.

In statements to the Cuban News Agency, the Education Ministry official explained that this is an alternative to proprietary software, marketed by transnational media corporations, and whose use presupposes payment of user fees, plus the inability programs transforming.

Exposito made ​​a somewhat sharper statement when he said that “by its objective of promoting mutual cooperation and broad scope of citizens to services and technologies, free software is the method that best serves the political and educational project design of country. ”

The Cuban version of GNU + Linux is made ​​from Debian GNU + Linux, and have 200 applications relating to education and information management structures in schools or

So you can get a red hair

Foam dyes and coloring masks (without oxidants) are kept for about six washes, are respectful of the hair and the color fades gradually with each washing. Dyes can not enrubiar foam hair but, instead, to two shades darker. EYE: compare the color of your natural hair color chart displayed in perfumery, drugstore (or wherever you buy your dyes) before deciding on a product. It is, most women have a natural color thinks much darker than it does in reality. The result could be that instead of an intense reddish carry a bright orange. Anyway suppress should be the dye in the hair salon, agreeing with my color. Takes note of the make and color, the second time you could do it at home.


The best known of GHD

GHD irons are the most popular used by millions of women, recommended models, and those who use them. The GHD has become an object of worship, the faithful companion of millions of women.

It is far more expensive than the rest of the field but who have tried it say they can not do without it. Sleek hair in two passes (for eg wavy hairs). The GHD is one of the best hair smoothing if you have frizzy or difficult. If you have a full mane of curly hair you will see it transformed into sleek, smooth hair salon.

The energy today: Sunday March 24, 2013

Now could have problems, misunderstandings or negative situations that have to be solved.

If possible, try to rest this day and give you some time for yourself. Your body needs to replenish the energy expended during the week and your mind needs to relax even more.

Beware of what you say and how you say it, especially with your partner or friends. Avoid any conflict or unnecessary chatter that can generate a discussion or misunderstood.

I send you many blessings for this day!

Edgar Payan
Master of Metaphysics and Cosmic Energy Healing Therapist
More information here

BeyondPod Podcast Manager

With a simple interface and easy to handle, BeyondPod Podcast Manager is an application that lets you search video podcast and Spanish audio, and play. Another one of its most significant features is that you also have the option to import and export your own lists to Google Reader account. The free download offers a full week of testing all its features, from the eighth day shall be to subscribe to a payment of 4.99 €.

Beat the Beast: Play through 360 degrees

For those looking to play something different, something unique, arrives Beat the Beast, a fun game of strategy and action, the one that gives you a 360 degree gameplay, a new experience in mobile gaming.

Beat the Beast you into a world of fantasy and fairy mission where you have to defeat fearsome beasts with your skills and tactics. 3D environments, magical powers and a lot of strategy in a different game.

Features Beat the Beast

Game Mode at 360 degrees, one of its kind that offers an experience never before seen in a mobile device game.
High definition graphics in 3D, with beautiful scenery and high quality of detail in the environment.
3 game modes: Campaign, Survivor and Valiente. Each will provide the player with unique skills.
5 towers as unique scenarios (Hammer, Arbalet, Thunder, Magic Catapult & House).
4 magical powers.
14 different characters, each with different abilities.
3 game worlds: Desert, Forest and Pyramid.
Ad-free pay version.


Reed College in Portland, Oregon, is attending only 6 months before deciding to abandon it due to the high costs of the studies, their parents just could finance.

Of Syrian descent, Jobs was the son of an unmarried girl university that decided him into care

Despite leaving his studies, continues to attend as a listener to those classes that interested him, such as calligraphy. Listener remained about 18 months until he abandoned studies. These were years of great sacrifice by not having the minimum economic means. Interestingly studies in calligraphy will be useful for designing the first Mac typography

Continuing his life story, the reality is that we do not know what happened in the years of economic and calligraphy studies only. Anyway, did not have the programming skills, but his friend Steve Wozniak, who in the future would become the co-founder of Apple, was a mathematician excellent and very good in electronics. That’s why when Steve had the idea to create the first personal computer in history, Wozniak forced to work on it, although it was reluctant to


Banner Flotante: Tus Aplicaciones y widgets de Preferidos hijo Ahora flotantes

La multitarea es Una Utilidad Que es Android sí le está Dando Cada Vez MÁS importancia. Samsung, Por Ejemplo, ha Incorporado a SUS ULTIMOS Dispositivos ESE añadido de Aplicaciones flotantes nep Que permite HACER USO MIENTRAS ESTAMOS de Ellas OTRAS Haciendo Cosas.

Jugar En La Tienda de heno Varias aplicaciones QUE SON DE ESTE ESTILO, COMO calculadoras o Navegadores, Pero os traemos Hoy Una muy especial y La Verdad Que Muy Útil, no es Una aplicacion QUE SIRVA nep párrafo algoritmos En Concreto CoMo las vegas los antes mencionadas, Que chino Se Trata de Una nep Que permite AGRUPAR Varias, e incluso los widgets, de manera “flotante”, Pero de Una forma Muy interesante.