Saint Laurent Goes Grunge

he backstage Might Have Been sealed off to press, but look what just landed in our inbox: front-row exclusive pics of last night’s show Saint Laurent (from the brand’s own photographer). Sure, the grunge-inspired collection is perfectly timed to all of the Nineties vibes floating around right now, but designer Hedi Slimane’s aesthetic break with the house that built Yves Undoubtedly will have its critics as well as champions. Take a look at the haute-grunge lineup. We say: pretty rad. Thoughts?

Images courtesy of Saint Laurent.

Effect wet “trend” in “the moment

After participating on tiptoe and with prudence in the spring-summer 2012 from Alexander Wang, the style “wet” (wet hair) tries to establish itself as a real trend capillary have been used in numerous catwalks, from Dior to Balmain through the Prada.

Hearing comments stylists backstage, nothing is more modern to breathe new hairstyle applying the oil, sea water spray or gel.

The case is the result of a hair “artistically sloppy” can be super good on a catwalk or in an advertising campaign, but in real life, appearing in public with wet hair may appear that we have not had time to secárnoslo or Even worse, that we have forgotten lavárnoslo.

So if you really want aplicaros super nourishing mask to achieve the wet look of the famous last collected from Balenciaga and Lanvin fashion show, we recommend booking these experiments for when you are at the seaside this Easter, or the Party reservéis go where only the most modern city.

So you can get a red hair

Foam dyes and coloring masks (without oxidants) are kept for about six washes, are respectful of the hair and the color fades gradually with each washing. Dyes can not enrubiar foam hair but, instead, to two shades darker. EYE: compare the color of your natural hair color chart displayed in perfumery, drugstore (or wherever you buy your dyes) before deciding on a product. It is, most women have a natural color thinks much darker than it does in reality. The result could be that instead of an intense reddish carry a bright orange. Anyway suppress should be the dye in the hair salon, agreeing with my color. Takes note of the make and color, the second time you could do it at home.


Tanning “to Kardashian

Famous stars of the American reality TV, the Kardashian sisters are also women entrepreneurs. The three have just launched a line of self-tanners, which were named Sun Kissed Kardashian, and containing different products capable of providing a tan “to Kardashian.”

The prices are quite affordable as they go from 13 to 20 dollars. To get the desired results, just follow the instructions printed on the packaging of vibrant hues. The line includes a scrub, suntan lotion and a spray with a formula to prolong your tan.

I think for those of us in California, being tanned represents an authentic lifestyle. But it is becoming increasingly clear that we must seek a tan without sun exposure. When I travel, I just really makes me feel alive if I do not have makeup is being tanned, especially in the face. ”

The Kardashian sisters say they have developed a range of quality self-tanners also protect and hydrate the skin (which will go on sale from April). Given the time it takes to launch a product, and seeing the picture of the three sisters who have used bronze as visual for this campaign, the project should have begun to take shape a couple of years ago, because although it is an ace Photoshop, to let Kim as shown in the picture would take a magician.


The best known of GHD

GHD irons are the most popular used by millions of women, recommended models, and those who use them. The GHD has become an object of worship, the faithful companion of millions of women.

It is far more expensive than the rest of the field but who have tried it say they can not do without it. Sleek hair in two passes (for eg wavy hairs). The GHD is one of the best hair smoothing if you have frizzy or difficult. If you have a full mane of curly hair you will see it transformed into sleek, smooth hair salon.

BeyondPod Podcast Manager

With a simple interface and easy to handle, BeyondPod Podcast Manager is an application that lets you search video podcast and Spanish audio, and play. Another one of its most significant features is that you also have the option to import and export your own lists to Google Reader account. The free download offers a full week of testing all its features, from the eighth day shall be to subscribe to a payment of 4.99 €.

Blocks access to web pages with the hosts file

Blockers websites are abundant, but also easily identifiable. So if the person you want to block access those applications known, beam blocking editing the Windows host. Before you begin, you must have administrator permissions.

To locate the file, navigate to C: \ WINDOWS \ system32 \ drivers \ etc, just double-click it, select Notepad and click OK. Now, at the end of the document, type, press the tab key on your keyboard and type localhost. Then you just have to input the domains you want to block as follows: type, press the tab key and write the name of the website to be blocked.

Each web has to go in a line of the document, to separate them, press Enter. With everything ready, go to File / Save and close the document. Since then, to access these web browsers will tell you that you can not connect, but will give you clues.

Battlefield 4 launches official website

Only four days ago we learned that Battlefield 4 already has its official launch date: March 26 would be during the Games Developer Conference in San Francisco. We just found out that next game DICE and EA already has official website. In it we see a rain-soaked window and fog cover, if we clean at full speed (because once again tarnished) see the profile of some tanks.

The message written on the website can not make it clearer: “Go back on March 27 to take a first look at the game” … and challenge the audience, “there are now more fans who log disclose more things.” What will offer the new Battlefield?It is a week to find out!

With reporting by Marcelino Madrigal via Twi

Battlefield 4 confirmed for Xbox 720 and PS4

Frank Gibeau, president of EA Labels, has confirmed the release of Battlefield 4 for the next generation of consoles.

The shooter was presented last week to hundreds of business partners as Gibeau explained on his blog:

“We have been investing in new technology months. Customers have seen our next generation games have been impressed.’s Last week without going any further, about 500 employees of GameStop took a look at Battlefield 4. The game was met with cheers.”

It seems certain that Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4 will host a Battlefield 4 months after their respective releases (later this year according to rumors).

Banner flotante, flotante Botón de la ONU

Así es; this App sí Basa principalmente en la ONU Único Boton, Pequeño, Y Que ademas Podemos colocar en Cualquier Parte De Nuestra Pantalla de Como si de la ONU icono de Nuestro Ordenador sí tratara. ESTO QUIERE Decir Que No Se cine solo una las casillas del Escritorio, Que SINO “flota” Por Encima de este, ASI QUE PODEMOS moverlo baño Cualquier Momento pecado NINGUN PROBLEMA, cuarto funcion de nn Donde convenga.

Pero, ¿QUE HACE Botón este? Pues al pulsarlo sí abre Una Pequeña ventana (Como Una Carpeta), Donde Podemos ESQUEMA Añadir Varias aplicaciones, o incluso los widgets. Ésto permite nn access una forma Ellas DE UNA Muy Rapida, ya Que el Este Botón sí mantiene Siempre en Primer Plano, Pero Como él dicho es REALMENTE Pequeño. Para Que os hagais idea UNA, os dejo la Captura de la Izquierda párr Que podais comparar Su Tamano. A lo Ver. Quien encuentra (no es Difícil, Pero Por si Acaso no lo encontráis, al final, os lo DIGO).

Dispone de 2 Versiones, Y obviamente là Gratuita limitations TIENE SUS, CoMo Poder Anadir solo 3 Aplicaciones, però en Cambio PODEMOS más Las Anadir de 3 widgets. La Verdad it de Me Utilidad LA MAS VEO EN EL ACCESO A Que No aplicaciones widgets de una, Pero Sí Que si usamos contínuamente 1 o 2 nn los widgets you can á venir bien, ya què sì MÁS colocamos, deberemos desplazarnos Entre ELLOS párr encontrar el qué Buscamos (no MUCHOS Entrar en la Pantalla).