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ossil Revival Vintage Handbags are ready to compliment your fall wardrobe!

Heirloom Leather – The new, exclusive Heirloom variety Exceeds all expectation with a stunning, variegated finish and a level of quality you just can not grasp Until you feel it for yourself.
Burnished, stitched, and finished by hand.
High-quality leather with an incredible Color That only gets richer WITH TIME
New Fall Colors: Exotic crocodile-embossed leather, stunning giraffe-printed calf hair, and rich colors, Such as spruce green and rust
This collection draws inspiration from the iconic vintage silhouettes and styling details of the past to create a timeless look that transcends the ages

These lovely bags are stunning and work for your personal and professional Both sides of your life!

Battlefield is a TV series

Electronic Arts Battlefield bring to the screen. But not the movies, or in a blockbuster war: the adaptation of this shooting game is to television … and as an action comedy. So says the online magazine Deadline Hollywood, which states that nothing less than the Fox series is already developing. Your writer and producer John Eisendrath be known for guionizar series Alias​​.

The series will be based on Bad Company, the 2008 installment of the Battlefield franchise. It encarnábamos a soldier of a platoon consisting of offenders who choose the military to avoid jail. In the television show will follow four soldiers of the platoon, who deny military life and enter the private security sector … to discover that his official position used them in a sinister conspiracy and trying to kill them to hide the tracks.


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