When Naomi Campbell’s Steven Meisel-lensed Vogue Italia cover [27] crossed our desks, nearly all of our hands crept up to our necks With One single shared thought: pixie cuts! They’re definitely “happening” in 2013-forget the Daria, just feast your eyes on the Jean Seberg-wigs from Dior Couture reminiscent, but beyond that; check out Jean Seberg (and Natalie Portman, Kate Moss, Rihanna, Carey Mulligan, Mia Farrow … you get the picture). Once you start looking for the chic-and-short cut of your dreams, well, it’s pretty hard to stop. So if you’re in the market for a major change (and hey, why Should not you be? It’s just hair, right? It grows [... right?]), Check out our crop of lovely ladies rocking what else ? The crop.

[1] Carey Mulligan [2] Mia Farrow, [3] Agyness Deyn, [4] Winona Ryder [5] Natalie Portman, [6] Audrey Hepburn, [7] Carey Mulligan, [8] Winona Ryder [9 ] Lena Dunham, [10] Agyness Deyn, [11] Jean Seberg, [12] Demi Moore [13] Audrey Hepburn, [14] Dior Couture SS 2013, [15] Dior Couture SS 2013, [16] Carey Mulligan, [17] Emma Watson [18] Halle Berry, [19] Mia Wasikowska [20] Shannyn Sossamon, [21] Mia Farrow, [22] Kate Moss, [23] Carey Mulligan [24] Lena Dunham, [25 ] Mia Wasikowska [26] Michelle Williams, [27] Naomi Campbell, [28] Mia Farrow, [29] Natalie Portman [30] Agyness Deyn, [31] Kate Moss, [32] Merethe Hopland, [33] Carey Mulligan, [34] Rihanna, [35] Mia Farrow, [36] Twiggy, [37] Christy Turlington.