“I have my own line of swimsuits That I make with organic, ethical fabrics Collections called Light, Which means ‘light’ in Spanish. I started it because i feel like women are always looking for the right shape and color of swimsuit. I wanted to make something young and fun, but at the same time I wanted to be Involved in something positive.’re just starting out, so for the moment it takes up sixty percent of my time, and then the rest is spent with Clarins Because I am a board member and I am very Involved in the ethical and Technological side of the brand. I Attend a lot of meetings and I try to give a young eye Because We are a one hundred percent family-owned company. My father and uncle who run the company right now are from a different generation, Facebook and even blogs, We have to explain it all to them. My sister and cousins​​, we try to make sure That we are opening to the young generation Clarins.

I grew up in Paris with my sister Claire and my cousins ​​[Prisca and Jenna]. We are all almost the same age: my sister is two years younger than me, though people think we’re twins, and my cousins ​​are one year younger than Both me, so I’m 27, my cousins ​​are 26, and Claire is 25. My grandfather, Jacques, was the founder of Clarins, and I was really into keeping the family together all the time, so I grew up spending my early Days with all the family, all the time. It was great. Our grandfather was always asking us for names for lipstick, like, what did we think of ‘Jolie Rouge’? And we were like, ‘Yeah, it’s good!’ So, I really grew up in the beauty world. It’s funny-when I was a kid, I thought my grandfather was That only making products for us! And When I started to see people on the beach with Clarins sunscreen, I would say, ‘That’s our sunscreen!’ I was, I do not know, five years old. I think it’s because i imagined my grandfather doing it all in his kitchen.